【PS写作】个人陈述问答 附化学专业申请范文

by admitwrite · 2016-05-14


 Personal Statement,有时也称Statementof Objectives/Statement of Purpose 或Study Plan(学习计划,侧重点略有不同)。主要用于描述个人的背景、申请目的、研究方向等信息,是留学申请材料中较重要却也比较难把握的部分。当申请者苦恼于GRE、TOEFL等标准化考试的成绩,一份得体的个人陈述却有可能让你力挽狂澜,从众多申请者中脱颖而出。在某些学校,个人陈述已经代替了面试,作为评价学生的一个重要依据。因此,个人陈述在整个申请材料的准备中占据了举足轻重的地位,也有必要赢得众位申请者的重视。




What I love about chemistry is the constant sense of discovery: looking at the simplest reactions on a molecular level is like glimpsing awhole new world. I am keen to learn at the cutting edge of current knowledge and to contribute to new discoveries. During the course of my degree I hope to take part in some research; after leaving university I am looking to work in science, possibly in research, and some experience will almost certainly come in useful. I would also like to continue my study of French at university – I think it is a beautiful language and one of my ambitions is to become fluent.
?As part of my study, in addition to the A level course, I have taken part in the RSC Analytical Chemistry competition in a school team; I am a regular subscriber to the New Scientist magazine and have attended several courses, including an ISCO course on Forensic Science. I am also an affiliate of the RSC, and I’m currently looking for work experience possibilities in this field.
I joined ***** School on a scholarship and during my time here I’ve won seven prizes in total, including two for French and Maths; I am now looking forward to the challenges presented by my appointment as one of fifteen Gown Prefects in the school. However, as well as taking my work and responsibilities seriously I have a lot of fun as well. I sing in the school choir and the chamber choir, and currently take singing lessons: I hope to continue with my singing at university, ideally in a university or college choir. I have represented both my House and School in General Knowledge teams and, although not exactly a gifted sportswoman, I’m happy to take part in some sport for my House. I enjoy taking part and trying new sports and although my talents aren’t likely to take me into the university teams, I look forward to continuing to ‘have a go’! I have also taken part in numerous musicals and plays in the school. In January I joined the ****** Amnesty International Group and have been involved regularly since then. As a member of the school’s Community Service Unit I spent a year working in a primary school, and another in a school for handicapped children, both on Thursday afternoons during term-time.
I believe that my academic ability and dedication to my subject make me an ideal candidate to study chemistry at university. I look forward to taking advantage of all the opportunities that will be open to me as a student, both in work and leisure time.

— END —