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举个例子,面试官的问题是: Why Wesleyan? 可以考虑的回答如下


Leadership matters. I first became interested in Wesleyan after browsing the course offerings on Coursera. The president of Wesleyan, Michael Roth taught a course on “The Modern and Postmodern”. I signed up for it and found that his lectures were stimulating. useful and learned. It’s rare for a President to teach atall, but for him to put his course on a MOOC demonstrates that Wesleyan isahead of the curve when it comes to education. I did not agree with all theviews the President has on certain thinkers like Rousseau and Kant, but thenthat’s what a course should be—a challenge to my assumptions. I have now signedup for his newest MOOC "How To Change The World". Again it’s rarethat a President would choose such a title without irony and then go on toexplore how we can as he says, "develop 'social goods' and use them tocreate networks of progressive change. "I believe in his vision forchange, his vision for the future of education, and believe that his leadershipwill help Wesleyan continue to be a leader in liberal arts education in theworld.


另一个常见的问题是anactivity that’s important to you。讲故事是回答问题的好选择,同时要注意细节。比如说你是团队的一员,你们一起做了什么,等等。不一定非要选择多么大的故事。范例:


I will always remember the email I received from Mary. I had worked with her fora number of years in my role as a mentor at school. She struggled throughdepression and getting acclimated to a new school system. She was bright buthad yet to find a way to express her creativity. I helped steer her in thedirection she’d expressed an interest in—film and photography. She startedmaking little films and taking gorgeous photographs, She found a teacher whowas her mentor and blossomed into a star. She’s now thinking of applying to thetop film school in the US and has won some awards for her films. Here is whatshe said: “You are the most generous person I've ever seen.”  I didn’t do all that much except talk withher as a mentor but sometimes a listening ear and a supportive set of words canchange a life. Maybe changing the world isn’t quite as hard a job as it sounds.If each of us can help one person at a time perhaps we can change the world allaround.


同学们最后需要准备的是Do you have any questions? 如果问不出来问题,招生官会觉得这位学生完全没有准备这次面试。但是,这个问题不能是浏览网站10秒就能找到答案的问题。一定要有点深度,并言之有物,不能太笼统。范例:


Harvard and Yale just agreed to permit the famous Computer Science course at Harvard tobe taught on-line, for credit, at Yale. Nothing like this has happened between these two schools before. Do you think this will be the beginning of more sharing of top scores between these two schools? Do you think this is a goodidea?




*  What has been your favorite course during highschool?  Why?  What characteristics do you seek in your teachers?

*  How would you rate your academic strengths and weaknesses?  Areyou better in some areas than others?  Do you know why?

*  Which subjects are you studying now?  Do you enjoy some more thanothers?  Why?  Are your courses easy or challenging?

* If I were to wander into your school's faculty room and mention yourname, what reaction would I get?  How would your teachers characterizeyou?  Do some teachers see you differently than others?

*  How would you rate yourself as a writer?  What was the mostchallenging writing assignment you've faced?

* What subjects do you plan to study in college?  Are there any newsubjects you hope to try?  Do you have any dreams or goals aftergraduation from college?


*  Are there any specific extracurricular interests oractivities that you plan or hope to pursue in college?
*  Why are these of interest?
* What have you done in these areas before?  Have you participatedduring high school or in your community?
*  What do you gain from this interest?
*  Are you a different or better person because of the time you'vecommitted to this interest?
*  What have you done during the summers?  Is there someone you sharea special interest with?  Is there someone in your life who has had animpact on your life and why?
*  If the student has worked at a job: How did you get the job?  Didyou enjoy it?  What were the best/worst features of your job?  Didyou learn anything about yourself in this job?  Would you do it again?
*  What might you do with a year off between high school and college?
*  Tell me about your current schedule and activities.

*  Why do you want to go to Wesleyan?

*  What subject areas are you most interested in? Discuss a book orproject that you enjoyed.

*  Have you thought about a major or area of concentration? Ideas aboutyour future?

*  What do you look forward to most about college?

* How well do you do with independence? Give an example of a problem ortask or project you have dealt with that required you to demonstrate yourindependence.

*  Any questions for me?

— END —